Speaking Engagements

Hello! I am a mother to four children, a wife, and a successful community college and university graduate. I graduated with honors and received recognition as part of the PTK All-California Academic Team before transferring to California State University, Fullerton. I then graduated with my B.A. in English, Summa Cum Laude, in May 2015. Through this experience I overcame adversity in many forms and, because of the lessons I learned, began writing this blog.

As a freelance editor, academic advisor, mentor, and successful college graduate, I have over 10 years experience navigating the college system and mentoring students from all walks of life.

I am available to speak and conduct workshops at institutions of higher education and other locations such as women’s homes. My book, “College Success for Moms” is now available on Amazon and through my publisher. (See media kit attachment here (.doc): media-kit-college-success-for-moms

Keynote/Small Group Presentation:


The Five People You Need To Meet in College is a keynote presentation focusing on the importance of people throughout our academic journey. I highlight my own experience with these people and explain how they helped me become successful, while also giving advice to students at both a new college student and transfer-ready level. While traditional students would find this keynote relevant, it is geared toward nontraditional students, especially parents.

Currently I have two workshops available:

Past, Present, Future: Me — a timeline-based workshop where I introduce and explain the workshop through my own experience and then provide materials for the students to construct their own timeline. This is done with pasteboard, markers, magazine clippings, and scrapbook supplies if desired. Once we are finished, we then share our timelines, explaining the past, present, and hope for the future (3 years ahead). The goal is to uncover hidden passions or simply to share a known-passion with a group of peers. The total time is 1.5 hours.

Schedule My Time: a workshop that begins with a brief talk on the importance of scheduling your days/weeks through a planner or other mode of organization, thus preventing procrastination. We will then look over the various types of planners and do a mock-schedule.

I have set up this blog because I feel that I have valuable insight, access to resources and real-life experience as a mother who is attending college. I am here to encourage and motivate moms who come to this blog and I hope to eventually speak to students just like me. It is my desire to see any mother who wishes to continue her education to do so with confidence.


If you would like to discuss a speaking, mentoring, or seminar opportunity, please feel free to contact me using Ask Dianna or by e-mailing me directly at askdianna@collegesuccessformoms.com

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